Does a Dog Need a Jacket?

The short answer is, it depends. And let me tell you shortly why. A dog is a broad term, because depending on the breed, your dog will be different and unique in it’s attributes. This means that while some dogs have a need for jackets, others don’t. For example, your Chinese Crested Dog might need a jacket because of how they are built, but when it comes to Siberian Huskies, the story is different.

The Purpose of the Jacket

When choosing a jacket for your dog, or deciding if you need one, you must first take in consideration the use case. There are many kind of jackets that all have a different purpose. Some are made for the winter months, some are made for the summer, some are made to look stylish, or reduce anxiety.

What we advise, is to use your common sense. If your dog is anxied, is visibly cold or hot in the summer, then you might want to consider buying them a jacket that fits their needs: An anxiety-reducing vest, a warm coat or a cooling vest respectively. The important thing is to see how your dog is doing and base your decision on their well-being.

But in our opinion, there are some exceptions where a dog will always need a jacket. For example, if you are keen on sailing or otherwise taking your dog near water, we heavily emphasise on buying them a good life jacket!

Also keep in mind that a dog jacket provides your dog protection from the more uncertain elements, e.g. ticks, scratches, bites… This will make you save in vet visit costs! So in that sense a dog jacket is always a good investment!


Especially for small breeds with not much coating, a jacket is a very nice addition to their wardrobe especially in the cold months. For a bigger dog with a thick coating who doesn’t necessarily need a jacket in the winter months, a cooling vest for the summer is the right answer. For dogs with anxiety, an anxiety reducing vest should be tested as a solution. Sometimes a dog owner wants their dog looking stylish.

You are seeing the pattern now!

It all comes down to you and your dogs needs.

Jackety woofs,

The team