KYEESE Dog Coat: A Stylish Dog Winter Coat

The KYEESE Dog Cold Weather Coat is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for small dogs during cold winters. This dog winter coat features a soft thicken fleece lining and a waterproof outer layer, this dog jacket promises to keep your dog snug and stylish. In this review, we’ll delve into the features of the KYEESE Dog Coat, and provide our experiences to help you decide if it’s the perfect winter apparel for your dog friend.

Superior Warmth and Comfort

The KYEESE Dog Cold Weather Coat is crafted with soft thicken fleece lining, effectively retaining body heat to keep your pup warm during cold winter walks. The waterproof outer fabric acts as a barrier against rain and snow, ensuring your dog stays dry and comfortable during outdoor activities. The adjustable velcro design on the neck and chest allows for easy size adjustments, making it easy to put on and take off.

Fashionable Design and Smart Features

This cozy dog jacket isn’t just warm; it also has a fashionable design. The antique button decors add a touch of sophistication, while the smart leash hole on the back allows for easy outdoor walking with a harness. Additionally, the two large Velcro strips ensure a secure and comfortable fit, and the two functional pockets add both style and practicality.

User Experience and Sizing

We appreciate the thick layer of fleece, which emits noticeable warmth, indicating its excellent insulation properties. The velcro fasteners offer a customizable fit, ensuring the coat stays securely in place. Some users noted that the fit might be on the smaller side, so they recommend sizing up, especially if your dog has a unique body shape.

Versatility and Durability

The KYEESE Dog Cold Weather Coat is well-suited for various outdoor activities, providing warmth and protection in temperatures as low as the 20s or 30s Fahrenheit (-7 Celsius). Its water-resistant outer layer proves useful for walks in light rain or snow. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship of the coat contribute to its durability, though some users have experienced minor stitching issues that were easily fixed.

Adjustability and Functionality

The dual adjustable buckles and smooth zipper closure allow for quick and effortless wearing, saving you time and hassle. We especially appreciated the practicality of the snap rivets, which enabled a tailored fit for our longer-bodied dogs. The elastic bands around the hind legs add a touch of flair while keeping warmth in. Some users may choose not to use these elastic straps as they could cause discomfort to their pets.

Potential Improvements

While we are pretty satisfied with the KYEESE Dog Cold Weather Coat, we have some suggestions for improvement. We found the Velcro fasteners not as secure as we would prefer, leading to occasional detachment. Additionally, the exposed sides and underside have been pointed out as areas where the coat could offer more coverage for added warmth.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The KYEESE Dog Cold Weather Coat is easy to maintain, with its water-resistant outer fabric being a plus for cleaning. However, we noticed that the wool lining tends to attract dirt, particularly in the neck area. Regular cleaning and gentle care will ensure the coat remains in top condition for extended use.


The KYEESE Dog Cold Weather Coat combines style and functionality, offering small dogs a warm and cozy winter experience. With its soft thicken fleece lining and waterproof outer fabric, it ensures your dog stays comfortable during outdoor activities in cold weather. The adjustable velcro design makes putting on and taking off the coat effortless, while the fashionable details add a touch of elegance. While some users found minor issues with sizing and Velcro fasteners, overall, the KYEESE Dog Cold Weather Coat proves to be a reliable winter accessory for your canine companion. If you liked this review, check out our review of other winter dog jackets.

With Cozy Greetings,

The Team