OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket: A Review of A Quality Dog Winter Coat


When the cold winter weather arrives, keeping our dogs warm and protected with a quality dog winter coat is a top priority. The OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket offers a cozy and waterproof solution to ensure your dog stays comfortable even in rainy conditions. Constructed with high-quality materials and thoughtful design features, this dog coat aims to provide warmth, visibility, and ease of use. In this review, we’ll explore the key features of the OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket.


The OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket boasts a waterproof exterior, allowing your dog to stay dry and comfortable during rainy days. The lightweight material ensures freedom of movement while still providing protection from rain and snow. The interior is lined with soft polar fleece, offering excellent warmth retention. Whether your dog is indoors or outdoors, this jacket aims to create a safe, warm, and comfortable environment.

For added safety during night walks or outdoor adventures, the OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket features reflective strips on the back. These strips enhance visibility, making your dog more noticeable in low-light conditions. This is particularly beneficial during nighttime walks or when walking in areas with limited visibility. The reflective design helps ensure the safety of both you and your dog.

The collar of the pet jacket can be conveniently folded when attaching a leash to your dog. This design feature adds versatility and enhances the overall aesthetic of the coat. The back zipper buckle provides a secure closure, preventing the zipper from slipping after the collar is folded. The jacket’s easy-to-wear design includes a back zipper for quick and hassle-free dressing. Elastic edging and bands on the abdomen, along with delicate stitching, ensure perfect fit and maximum coverage. The adjustable neck elastic band allows for a customized fit. The high abdominal incision design does not hinder your dog’s ability to go to the toilet comfortably.

Our experience

We were quite satisfied with the OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket. Our dogs appear to love wearing this coat, enjoying the warmth it provides during chilly walks. The materials and construction of the jacket are durable and the quality is decent for a dog jacket. The absence of Velcro closures eliminates the hassle of dealing with sticky dog hair. The heavy-duty plastic zipper adds to the overall durability and longevity of the jacket. The back zipper design makes putting the coat on easy and ensures a secure fit. The waterproof feature is good. The inclusion of a reflective collar and D-ring for leash attachment is also a thoughtful and convenient addition.

Fit and Adjustability

While the OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket generally fits well, we had some issues with the fit around the tummy area. The lack of adjustability in the black strap with D-rings caused the coat to slide to the side when the leash is attached. There might be a need for adjustable features in the midsection, such as elastic or additional straps, to achieve a more customized fit. However, the ease of putting the coat on and the absence of hair-catching in the zipper makes up for these flaws.


The OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket offers a combination of warmth, comfort, and convenience for your dog during the cold winter months. With its waterproof and lightweight construction, it aims to keep your dog dry and cozy. The inclusion of safety reflective strips enhances visibility during nighttime walks. The adjustable collar, easy-to-wear design, and durable materials contribute to a positive user experience. However, we noted some fit and adjustability issues, particularly in the tummy area, calling for additional adjustable features. Considering its overall performance and features, the OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket offers a viable option for dog owners seeking a reliable and stylish winter coat.

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