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In this product review, we will explore the features and experiences with the Plutus No-Pull Dog Harness. Designed to provide comfort, control, and versatility, this harness aims to distribute pulling pressure evenly to prevent choking while allowing for easy handling and visibility. With its removable patches and reflective straps, the Plutus harness offers practicality and safety for both pet owners and service dog handlers. Join us as we delve into the testimonials and discuss the various aspects that make the Plutus No-Pull Dog Harness a reliable and functional choice for canine companions.

Comfort and Control

The Plutus No-Pull Dog Harness stands out for its ability to distribute pulling pressure evenly, ensuring the dog’s comfort during walks. This feature prevents choking and discomfort, making it suitable for dogs that tend to pull on the leash. The reinforced back handle is an additional benefit, providing a comfortable grip and allowing for better control, especially in busy environments or during traffic situations.

Versatility and Customization

One of the key advantages of the Plutus harness is its versatility. It comes with two removable “SERVICE DOG” patches, allowing handlers to clearly indicate when their dog is on duty or off duty. This feature is ideal for service dog handlers who want their dogs to have designated work and rest times.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility

The Plutus No-Pull Dog Harness takes safety seriously with its reflective straps and an extra-large reflective area on the back. This design element ensures that the dog remains highly visible during nighttime walks, enhancing overall safety for both the pet and the owner. The inclusion of reflective materials is especially valuable in low-light conditions or when walking near traffic.


We appreciate the secure and easy-to-use features, particularly the simplicity of putting it on and taking it off. The harness eliminates the need for complex adjustments or multiple clips, making it hassle-free to use.

The placement of the handle below the shoulders on the dog’s back is highly valued, especially by those with senior or rehabilitating dogs. The handle provides a convenient grip for lifting or supporting the dog, reducing strain on the owner’s back. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with dogs recovering from surgeries or needing assistance while entering or exiting vehicles.

While sizing with vests is usually accurate and true to size, we found that paying attention to measurements is crucial to ensure the good fit. Feedback regarding the padding varied, with some customers appreciating the comfortable padding on the top while others desired additional padding on the chest for increased support.


The Plutus No-Pull Dog Harness offers a combination of comfort, control, and versatility for both pet owners and service dog handlers. Its ability to distribute pulling pressure evenly and the presence of a reinforced back handle contribute to a comfortable and secure walking experience. The harness’s removable patches, reflective straps, and focus on safety make it a practical choice for both daytime and nighttime walks. Overall, the Plutus No-Pull Dog Harness provides pet owners with a reliable and customizable solution that enhances the walking experience for their canine companions.

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