Stay Cool and Comfortable: Petface Cooling Jacket for Hot Weather

In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive review of a dog jacket designed to keep our furry companions cool and comfortable even in warm weather. We’ll summarize the key points from our review and highlight the standout features that make this jacket worth considering.

This dog jacket truly impressed us with its functionality and overall quality. One of the standout features is the sturdy and convenient Velcro closure, which allows for easy on and off without causing any trouble. We appreciated the availability of different sizes to accommodate dogs with varying body shapes. The material of the jacket received high praise, as it effectively keeps the dog cool even when it becomes wet.

While the jacket’s performance was commendable, there were a couple of minor concerns mentioned. Some reviewers preferred clips instead of Velcro straps, as the Velcro’s holding power may decrease over time. Additionally, a few customers found the brightly colored logo on the jacket to be visually distracting, suggesting that it should match the color of the coat for a more cohesive look.

Despite these minor considerations, the dog jacket has proven to be a reliable option for keeping dogs cool and comfortable in warm weather conditions. It is particularly beneficial for dogs with specific needs, such as those with arthritis or heart conditions. The jacket’s cooling effect significantly reduces excessive panting and lethargy, leading to a happier and more active dog. Its versatility allows for indoor use on extremely hot days, but caution should be exercised to protect furniture.


If you’re in search of a dog jacket that prioritizes your furry friend’s comfort during warm weather, this reviewed jacket is an excellent choice. Its sturdy Velcro closure and high-quality material ensure durability and ease of use. While there is room for improvement, such as offering alternative fastening options and matching the logo color to the coat, the overall positive feedback regarding its cooling effectiveness and impact on the dog’s well-being make this dog jacket a reliable option. Keep your beloved companion cool, comfortable, and ready for any adventure with this fantastic dog jacket.

Stay cute and cool,

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