What to Look for in a Dog Jacket?

Buying a dog jacket can be an exhausting task, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Our dogs come in different sizes and personalities, so finding just the right jacket that fits your dog is important. Let’s explore the main qualities that a good and proper jacket for a dog should have.

Proper Fit

This should come as no surprise, but just like any clothing, a jacket that doesn’t fit is useless for most of us. When choosing a jacket, don’t just rely on subjective sizing but measure your dog’s chest and neck size (in inches or cm) to find the proper fit. Also, note that it’s sometimes better to buy a jacket that is a little bit loose rather than go for what seems like a perfect fit. A jacket that is too tight might make your beloved dog anxious.

Good Material

When it comes to materials, don’t just consider the price, but also take a look at what the jacket is made out of. Some materials withstand the test of time and your dog’s pulls much better than others. For example, some jackets are made of nylon, while others are made from polyester. Make sure your dog doesn’t have a skin reaction from wearing the jacket. You’ll get a better idea by reading other people’s reviews about the apparel you are interested in.

Use Case

Most jackets are designed for specific purposes. There are jackets sold for stylish looks, as well as those made for winter, summer, and so on. This usually means that some are waterproof, some have thin material, and some are sturdier. Be sure to consider what you are looking for in a jacket.


In addition to looking stylish, a vest/harness/jacket, or any clothing, including leashes, should have something that provides visibility for others. If possible, try to find a jacket that has some reflective material on it, and if you can’t find one, attach your own reflectors to the jacket. This is for your dog’s safety!


A happy jacket, a happy dog! Here we have covered some of the most important aspects to consider when trying to find a harness/jacket for your dog. Whether it’s for long walks or stylish looks, a proper jacket is something that your dog will thank you for! If you liked this post, go read our reviews and see if you find anything!

Woof woof, The petjacketz.com team

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